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Academic work with Arch. Daniel Tua and Arch. Andrea Chacon. Participant  project with honorable mention in the NGO Trazando Espacios Competition 2018.

Petare is the largest self-constructed settlement in Latin America, with more than 370.000 inhabitants. It is divided in dozen of sectors, being El Campito the one in the south bordering with a large green spontaneous space.

Located in the south area of El Campito neighborhood, the selected terrain is crucial for the pedestrian connection with the rest of the area. The project generates a linkage public space for the local and the surrounding community which activates the place and mitigates risks as delinquency.

The design consists in the conception of a restrained park located next to the existing church. Conformed by a piece that articulates and defines the proposed activities which currently occur on the streets and do not have proper spaces.


El Campito

phase 3 latin american pocket park
phase 1 latin american pocket park
phase 4 latin american pocket park
phase 2 latin american pocket park






Cover square and public amphitheater

Public library and children park

¨La Cruz¨ open square

Urban educational garden

The implementation of the project is divided in 4 phases in which each of them corresponds with one projected terrace: the first phase works on the church’s façade creating a permeable cover and a small amphitheater; in the second one is develops an public library with a playground; in the third phase a sitting area on an open square and concluding in the fourth phase a vertical educational garden.


Consists in a public space which serves the small “El Carmen” chapel of the community. Conformed by an amphitheater, a community garden, a playground and a covered area that involve the façade of the chapel up to the roof creating a knitted wall .

El Carmen square

Knitted cover

Wooden structure

Wooden deck


Urban furniture





sustainable materials
sustainable materials pvc
sustainable materials
sustainable materials stones
sustainable materials pallets construction


Thread cover

PVC foundations

Tire retaining wall

Stone filling

Pallet flooring

All the materials are recycled and the construction process is projected to be with the local community participation.


Urban plant pots