re-charge  stop

The Venezuelan ¨walkers¨ are thousands of migrants fleeing out from Venezuela who walk with their families for days and weeks to another Latin American country searching a better live. Based on this phenomenon which is occurring between Colombia, Ecuador and Perú, is projected a Re-charge stop to temporarily attend this vulnerable community.

stop for venezuelan walkers
module for venezuelan refugees
assistant stop for venezuelan refugees
modulo para caminantes venezolanos
modulo para refugiados venezolanos
project for venezuelan refugees
proyecto para refugiados venezolanos
module for venezuelan walkers
proyecto para refugiados venezolanos
assistant module for venezuelan refugees

Permeable walls

Guadua structure

Foldable roof



foto caminantes venezolanos


Migration is part of our history as humankind and Venezuelan diaspora is a reality, for this reason, these provisional stops  are projected to assist people through their way. It is a sustainable multi-purpose module, made with local materials as Guadua (Colombian Bamboo) and dividing itself in  3 different spaces which can be modified depending on the necessities of the moment. 

5. Grab and go urban community garden, supply by the existing agriculture fields in the surroundings of the site.

2. Water filter. Collecting rainwater and filtering it through sustainable techniques

3. Private back-space with 2 foldable bunk beds

4. Back-space for 1 person to rest a while before continue to his/her destination

1.Shaded space for people to rest and recharge batteries

6. Power sockets to charge cellphones in case someone needs to call home

7. 2 solar panels to supply the electrical power required

8. Bigger back-space for 2 or 3 people to rest a while with the folded roof

Colombo-Venezuelan border is one of the most dynamics frontier since Colonial times, for this reason it is necessary to define the area composed by the borderline cities as Cúcuta (Colombia) and San Antonio del Táchira (Venezuela), as a conurbation. Decades ago the Colombians migrated to Venezuela, nowadays is happening backwards and surely this continuous movement will be repeated. Everyday, thousands of people are crossing this border and to consolidate this condition is projected a floating pedestrian path parallel to the road, protecting people from any accident and every 500m it will be find a new re-charge stop. 

caminante venezolanos



stop project for refugees

Human scales by Édouard Manet

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