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Flexible sustainable architecture
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Switching Architecture combines human behavior such as flexibility and adaptability and the dynamics of the site, projecting multi purpose macroblock-buildings which are capable of responding to the current needs of the population, switching its size and program.

change architecture uses
change architecture uses
flexible architecture change uses
flexible architecture change uses
super block growth

The macroblock-buildings are proposed to evolve with participatory design principles, where the project is supposed to be the framework of a future guided expansion and the community becomes the main character applying self-construction and changing its form.

First, providing the community with a primary structure



Refugee crisis

COVID-19 crisis


Natural disaster 

as floods

Normal conditions:

Border conunbation

With the mix of uses as a design principle, an easy-assembly modular construction processes and the use of local material as Guadua (Colombian bamboo)  is proposed a progressive growth, expanding and shrinking basing on the community needs of the moment. For example, selecting the Colombo-Venezuelan border as the site, the project is responding to the local crisis and are proposed shelters for the Venezuelan refugees who cross the border everyday, accompanying with commercial uses, public spaces and urban agriculture.

super block shrink
flexible architecture change uses







basic super block sustainable architecture
development of a flexible architecture


Switching Architecture is a replicable concept which can be applied globally, adapting the building to its context, to the social and economical conditions of the site and attending to any possible scenario or emergency situation, as nowadays: switching to respond to the urgent demand of healthcare spaces  for the assistance  of COVID-19 pandemic, however in the future will switch again to serve the local population with the return to the normal conditions that usually define the selected site.